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These wigs are our new style lace front wigs,

blue and voilet color are our NEW STYLE 7 STYLES ,

SO beautiful ….

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This entry was posted on December 11, 2013, in Hair Fashion.

Popular Mens Wig Styles

Mens wigs are popular for the same reasons and used in the same ways as women use wigs. Regardless of gender, wigs are an excellent way to conceal hair loss, baldness, receding hairlines, or scalp imperfections, as well as enhance the appearance. No matter what reasons you wear a wig, style and selection should always be current with modern hair style trends. Some people wear wigs simply to keep up with style trends and save their own hair the stress.

– This style is familiar and can be seen on several of today’s young men, including Zac Efron. It is a classic cut that has been worn by children, adolescents, and older men alike. Don’t you think it looks like Pop Superstar Justin Bieber’s famous haircut?

This hair is full and trendy, perfect whether you need to conceal hair loss or enhance your look!


It has a skin top which provides natural appearance and allows some air flow. Jude has layers galore and all the body and height you’ll need.

Constructed with washable synthetic fiber, you won’t have to worry about losing the style after a night out. Wash the smell of the evening away and keep the long side burns in their place. With hair all over the place, rocking out will be easy with this style.

– For a more conservative look that will blend in and draw no attention, PJ by Jon Renau is among the top of the list.

This toupee is constructed on a monofilament cap for maximum blending and comfort. Straight layers make it thin and easy to style as you’ve always styled your hair so no one will suspect.

Maybe you want something long like Johnny Depp or simple like George Clooney? To browse more mens wigs styles, click here.

Long in the front, or layered in the back, you can wear what makes you feel comfortable and shows others what you want them to see. There is no reason to ignore a receding hairline or silently obsess over hair loss.

Human Hair Styles for the Frugal Fashionista!

Human hair wigs are the most popular of all wig styles because of their superior quality, construction and durability. They will last as long as you will keep them in good condition and can be styled any way you like. No matter the style purchased, you can safely apply most products and use any heat styling equipment for your perfect look. This type of versatility comes at a higher price than synthetic or human hair blended wigs, but is well justified.

It is difficult for me to stick to one hairstyle for too long, especially during spring.

Here are some amazing deals on human hair wigs for those who switch their hair too often to invest too much in just one wig:

Wear this style flipped out, as is, or any way you see fit. The best thing is the price for this 100% human hair wig, excellent addition to any spring collection. Short, simple, classic.
Martina is short but full with longer layers towards the back. You can style this with large rollers for more body to narrow the face, or flip the layers for a totally new hair style.

For a more dramatic look and subtle color, Louis is also 100% human hair with sharper angles and longer layers around the side.

For something slightly longer and fuller for more styling options, Zema by Motown Tress has bangs and a face-framing cut.

Bridal Hair & Customs

In our last post, we talked about the bridal attire, and more specifically, how it has changed over time. There are also customs incorporated into weddings that help the bride understand the gravity of the decision they are going to make.

Walking down the aisle is symbolic of the commitment the couple makes before God and man. Family and friends gather to celebrate the special occasion, meet the other side of the family, and commemorate the moments just before and after the couple become one.

Giving the bride away symbolizes the transfer of responsibility that the husband now has instead of the father. This may not be the case for most brides but is still a special part of the ceremony. The father or person giving the bride away leaves her at the altar as the husband takes her side.
After the vows are exchanged and rings given as a symbol of never ending love, then comes the ceremonial kiss. This is usually captured by photographers and family members as the first moment husband and wife physically bond. The physical bonding continues at the reception when bride and groom share the first piece of wedding cake.

Once the ceremony is over, the reception and real celebrations begin. Modern traditions have taken the first dance a little further, with some couples adding choreographed dance sequences where guests are first entertained then asked to join in. June remains the favorite month for marriage — in the past because of fertility and old wives tales ensuring conception. However, great weather, beautiful and exotic destinations, and being the traditional month for vacation are sure to add to the reasons June remains couples favorite month to wed.

Fabulous Hair For Your Formal Occasion!

This is the season for military balls, school dances, proms, and other formal occasions. Formal hairstyles are in high demand. What type of formal it is will dictate whether it you wear your hair up, back, or a combination of both. Dances, proms, and other places where you may be moving around more are the types of events where your hair should be the least of your worries. Wear a style that is effortless and gorgeous all in one. If a ponytail is not what you want, consider adding extensions for a combination of hair up and down.

For parties, luncheons, and festivities that require you to sit and look pretty, you have more options with long and flowing styles. Wig America Wigs has been a leading wig manufacturer in the United States for more than 3 decades, producing hairpieces for Caucasians, African-Americans, men and women, for every occasion.

Their styles are known for being inexpensive yet high quality. You don’t have to be caught off guard or spend a lot of money to be ready for your formal occasion. Transform your normal look to a more eye-catching moment with human hair extensions or a wig styled like you want — short and sassy, long and flirty, curly and fun, or straight and sophisticated.

Fun Cosplay Wigs!

Cosplay is a term referring to costume play, or dressing up in costumes as a performance art — not always part of a stage play or performance. Cosplayers do not need special occasions to don their costume wigs, rather they are usually part of a lifestyle. Film and comic book enthusiasts leave out no details.

Hollywood, CA is the movie-making capital of the world, but walking the streets might surprise you if you are not a local. Every day people dress up as their favorite action hero or cartoon character; some do it for fun, others do it as their profession. Cosplay is an important part of the culture and economy, as many entertainers have look-a-likes and fans that dress up as characters.

Human Hair Blend Wig Styles for May

Summer is fast approaching, and May is full of great weather, and don’t forget that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you are a mom yourself or need some gift ideas for your own mother, we’ve got the the trendiest styles and more. Human hair blend gives you the quality of human hair for less cost.

Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to pick up some new styles, and one for the Mother in your life. Shopping online for wigs can be difficult, but we’ve made things simple with free shipping*, easy exchanges, Youtube videos, and true-to-life color photos to help you make the right choice the first time. Glam it up with false eyelashes by top brands, and browse other wig accessories to customize the look and feel of your new style.

Raquel Welch’s NEW 2013 Lace Front Styles

Monitoring twitter conversations on the subjects of why women wear wigs if they have hair, or how uncomfortable they may be, prompted this post. Wearing wigs is only uncomfortable if you do not know how to wear them properly, more on that later. However, many wig designers have made their styles even more attractive by increasing the comfort of their wigs. Style and comfort have become most important. Raquel Welch’s Sheer Indulgence Collection is a patented lace front technology that simplifies wearing a lace front wig style. This coupled with the Memory Cap II (TM) makes it more comfortable as it conforms to your head within an hour.

The lace front wigs style continues to grow in perfection and popularity. Forget about cutting the lace, glue, or tape — you won’t need them!

If you have a lot of hair (like I do) and wear wigs for fashion, braiding your own hair and pinning it back is necessary. Braiding it allows the scalp to breathe and you can apply any product to the scalp or roots of hair without messing with the style. It also protects the ends from damage. In fact, my own hair grows faster when I allow it “rest” and don wigs instead. It is a great solution for transitioning your own hair from relaxed to natural, or if you simply want to try something new without the expense ad hassle of haircuts, styles, and perms.

Wig accessories like the cotton wig liner and no-sweat liners that will trap perspiration or any bacteria produced from sweating will work in all seasons to evaporate sweat, keeping your scalp dry, cool, and heat free. Wigs are no more uncomfortable than paying hundreds of dollars at a hair salon for a style that won’t last long. If you take care of your wigs, they will look good and keep their style for as long as you keep them. My favorite reasons to wear wigs includes: saving money, a style that ALWAYS looks good, and a busy schedule.

Cool Wig Styles for June

June is here, and the hotter weather can be an issue for the wig wearer. Issues like heat and perspiration can drive several to shelve their wigs until cooler months.

There are a few solutions to this problem, and none involve sacrificing your wigs. First, braiding or plaiting your hair during this time of the year is a good practice. This protects the ends and allows you to apply products to the scalp for moisture. Braids are a protective style an allow the wig to fit as close to the scalp as possible.

Another solution involves purchasing wig accessories such as Head-Line-It liners, to reduce odor causing bacteria and trapped moisture. These allow you to be dry and enjoy a more comfortable fit. Peep Top Mesh Liners are made from a specially designed mesh material that allows the scalp to breath and air to flow. Heat rays can be harmful to hair, which is another reason why wigs are a go-to fashion accessory:

Choosing a style that is designed for warmer climates also helps; here are some examples of wig designers applying technology to make the wig more comfortable with monofilament and open caps:

Be prepared for the warmer weather without sacrificing the benefits of wearing a wig and protect your natural hair.

Long Lacey Costume Wig Styles

Lacey wigs creates styles especially designed for theatrical performances. These costume wigs are not as flamboyant as others, however, they complete many costume looks. They carry long, wavy, curly, short, mid-length, and bright colored wig styles made to get the audiences’ attention and leave them with a long-lasting impression. Popular wig styles include Cher, Rapunzel, and Godiva characters.
The Cher wig boasts 40+ inches of thick, long, synthetic hair with a akin top for a natural blend with your skin and scalp. It is available in several natural colors, as well as several bright colors.
Rapunzel wig has 5 feet of braided hair with tight, light, lacy curls that frame the face. Whether dressing as Rapunzel herself or another princess, this hair will surely get the message across. Only available in blond (shown above).
The Flower Godiva wig is also 5 feet long with thick, tight curls near the crown and thinner ones as they cascade to down. Flowers are strategically placed to complete the wig. Lady Godiva would ride through the streets nude in protest of her husbands taxation laws. This is just a sample of the styles you can find by Lacey Wigs,